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Trevor Dean

Founder, Producer, Creative



Trevor Dean is a Producer and Director of Photography who has been creating and directing content for events, nightclubs, festivals and artists for over a decade. His work has evolved with the needs of the larger industry, spanning from nightlife photography and cinematography, to short form social content, onwards to live event broadcast and destination live streaming.


In 2018 Trevor launched FYM Agency, a multimedia agency that has delivered high end results for clients like CRSSD, Beatport, Mixmag, INFAMOUS PR, 2+2 Management and many other industry leaders.


   •    Short-form/social livestream
   •    destination streaming
   •    hyper-lapse
   •    Drone
   •    360
   •    portraiture
   •    animation, motion graphics and GIFS

  • Cincmatic recaps and after movies=

Short-Form Video

Short-Form Video

Short-Form Video

Short-Form Video



Thank You

Gabe Tiano
Founder, Producer, Creative

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